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What is wrongful death?

Wrongful Death Lawyer: The definition of a wrongful death lawsuit is, “If a person is killed because of the wrongful conduct of a person or persons, the decedent’s heirs and other beneficiaries may file a wrongful death action against those responsible for the decedent’s death.” Wrongful deaths take many forms. Death can be due to a traffic accident (e.g. car crash, truck accident, etc.), work-related incidents (e.g. a construction worker falling from a large height), medical malpractice incidents, or during the commission of a crime by another. This is not an exhaustive list as there are many routes to a wrongful death. It is important to keep in mind that criminal charges could be filed related to the wrongful death, but not always. Much of it does boil down to intent. For example, a physician could be sued for wrongful death if their patient dies under their care (and you prove that they would not have died otherwise), and, if there is no nefarious motivation, there will likely be no criminal charges. Conversely, for example, a drunk driver plows into an oncoming vehicle. In this instance, the liable party (the drunk driver) ought to be charged with at least a DUI and vehicular manslaughter. However, criminal charges are exclusively the purview of the district attorney’s office.

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At all California area offices of Sachs Burns, we are dedicated to our clients and committed to their best legal interests. We believe quality professionalism includes a holistic approach, as we will strive to meet all of our client’s legal needs. We know that wrongful death is immensely painful, so we will do everything in our power to reduce the burden on the victim’s surviving family. If your loved one was wrongfully killed near one of our California practice areas, reach out to our office today to arrange your complimentary case evaluation. One of our highly skilled wrongful death lawyers will analyze your case to determine the best legal route to take. We look forward to hearing from you. Remember, “IT’S NOT BUSINESS, IT’S PERSONAL.”


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