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If you have been injured in a workplace related accident, reach out to the experienced and knowledgeable personal injury attorneys at the Santa Ana, California office of Sachs Burns. Our personal injury practice has several attorneys who focus on workers compensation cases. And we get results. Sachs Burns has an established reputation within the greater Santa Ana, California community for our dedication to our clients and our commitment to getting results.

Sachs Burns knows that workers compensation cases can be tricky. The insurance company for your employer is going to want to pay out as little as possible. They don’t care about you; they only care about their bottom line. They will reach out to you when you are in a weakened state, such as when you are in the hospital after your workplace accident. Sachs Burns strongly discourages speaking directly with an insurance adjustor. Instead, we recommend letting us deal with them. Our highly qualified workers compensation attorneys know all the tricks of the insurance companies, so we cannot be fooled. Additionally, we will only allow our clients to receive the maximum amount of compensation that are entitled to under California state law. We refuse to let insurance companies bully or intimidate our clients.

Workers Compensation and the Law

According to the State of California Office of Industrial Relations, “All California employers must provide workers’ compensation benefits to their employees under California Labor Code Section 3700. If a business employs one or more employees, then it must satisfy the requirement of the law.” Therefore, as previously mentioned, we will most likely be dealing with your employer’s insurance company. If your employer is breaking the law and does not have a workers compensation insurer, then we will seek other courses of action so you can obtain the justice you deserve. Under California law, there are a series of benefits you are entitled to if you are injured at work, including loss of income due to time off from work, medical care (e.g. ambulance ride, hospital bills, follow up treatment, etc.), permanent disability benefits (payments if you do not recover completely), supplemental job displacement benefits (vouchers to help pay for skill enhancement if you do not recover completely), and death benefits (payments to spouse, children and dependents if you die from a work-related injury or illness). The Santa Ana, California office of Sachs Burns will always pursue maximum compensation.

Paying for a legal battle

At Sachs Burns, we do not think financial barriers should block someone from pursuing justice via the legal system. That is why our Santa Ana, California office operates on a contingency basis with our clients. Our clients are not responsible for any fees or costs until after we have won their case and they have gotten a financial compensation package. It also means that if for some reason we are unable to win your case, you do not owe us. This is guarantee of professional, quality service to you. We look forward to hearing from you! Remember, “IT’S NOT BUSINESS, IT’S PERSONAL.”

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