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What is a Motorcycle accident ?

You are driving down the highway. The wind is in your hair. You hear nothing but the ever present sound of the road mixed with the buzz from your bike. You may feel calm. You may feel relaxed. You may feel excitement. You feel free. The experience is unique for everyone and a cherished part of life for many. Riding a motorcycle is one of the great American pastimes. Not only is the activity symbolic of individual liberty and freedom, it is also quite an adventure. For some people it’s a hobby. For others it’s a way of life. Regardless of your perspective, biking is very much a part of our nation and state’s identity. However, although riding a motorcycle is both a source of great pleasure and practicality, there is also significant danger involved with it. Because motorcyclists are so exposed and have little protection, any accident that they are in is far more likely to be catastrophic in nature, as compared to accidents involving 4 wheeled vehicles. Motorcycle accidents can be extremely costly. There is the direct damage to the motorcycle, medical care costs, rehabilitation costs, and loss of earned income due to your being out of work to deal with your injuries. All of this speaks to the importance of your getting a financial compensation package that will meet all your needs. To do this, you will likely need a skilled, highly qualified attorney who knows how to handle obstinate insurance companies who will try to pay you less than what you deserve and are legally entitled to. The experienced attorneys and support staff at Sachs Burns, located near Orange, California, know all the tricks insurance companies like to employ. With us, we will never allow our clients to be bullied or intimidated.

The Sachs and Burns Advantage

Here at Sachs Burns, we proudly help clients in Orange, California and offer free initial case evaluations. One of our experienced motorcycle accident attorneys will review your case to determine the best legal strategy. This service is 100% complimentary, so you are under no obligation to continue with our firm; however, most people do retain our services. Furthermore, our law firm works on a contingency basis. This means that we will not charge you a single cent until we win your case and you get a fair and just financial compensation package. This is our professional guarantee of service. We have every incentive to work tirelessly for you because we don’t get paid unless you do. You have absolutely nothing to lose financially when you hire Sachs Burns. If you would like to review our winning statistics or to get references from our many satisfied clients, please reach out to our office near Orange, California directly. We look forward to working with you!Remember, “it’s not business, it’s personal.”
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