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You always have a right to legal representation.  Call Sachs Burns at any time on any day to help educate you on the confusing and stressful process that is personal injury.  
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Remain Silent

When involved in a personal injury, the insurance companies will do anything and everything to get information out of you that they don’t have a right to have.  Some insurance companies will train their adjusters to obtain this information from you and in some cases will outright lie to get it.  It is always best to remain silent and call an experienced personal injury attorney to help educate you on what to say and what not to say to protect your rights.  Always remember, you can, and should refuse to give a recorded statement.  


Many firms are set up so the attorneys will only be your point of contact through the negotiation stages of your case.  You always have a right to speak to your attorney.  When you call a personal injury firm for a free consultation, the majority of the time you will either speak to an intake specialist, a secretary, or a receptionist who will get your information and have someone call you back.  If you can’t speak to an actual attorney, your best alternative is an intake specialist.  However, with Sachs Burns, we will always strive to get an attorney on the phone if requested.  


It is always important to read what you are signing.  In many cases you can sign away your rights to collect without knowing it.  If the insurance companies want you to sign something, contact an experienced personal injury attorney who can walk you through your rights and help educate you on how to protect them.  


When you are involved in a personal injury you have the right to seek damages for your injuries and medical treatment.  However, just because you have these rights, does not mean the insurance companies are going to just hand them over to you.  

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