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What is a Dog Bite Accident?

Dog Bite Accident Lawyer Beverly Hills, CA: According to the latest statistics from the United States Center for Disease Control, there are approximately 4 million dog bite victims each year. This is an astounding number and almost unbelievable. However, victims of dog bites face very real challenges, including incredible expensive medical care. In addition, many victims will have to receive costly follow up care to completely heal from such a traumatic experience. Dogs are great. They make great companions and can truly become part of the family. Nonetheless, individuals who chose to own a dog are liable for their dog’s behavior. That is why it is best to have a nonaggressive breed who is trained. Furthermore, when a dog is taken out into public, it should be effectively leashed as to avoid unwanted contact with other people. Taking preventative measures is essential in preventing dog bite accidents because under California state law, there is strict liability with the dog owner.

Dog Bites and The Law

As in most states, dog bites in California are considered to be personal injury law matters. That is, the victim has sustained injuries and may seek compensation through the civil litigation process. You may obtain compensation to cover your medical bills, loss of income (i.e. time missed from work due to the injury), and pain and suffering (e.g. emotion distress, trauma). Dog bites can be stressful events. They can also be quite dangerous to your health. After a dog bite accident, it is imperative that you get prompt and appropriate medical care. Not only is this just the best thing to do in the situation for your health, it can also benefit your lawsuit in the long run by removing any doubt in terms of true severity of your injury. In other words, going to a medical professional immediately removes the possibility of the liable party claiming your injuries were not in fact caused by the liable party’s dog. After you have received the emergency medical care you need, it is best to get a dog bite accident lawyer as soon as possible. Sachs Burns, located in Beverly Hills, California is a personal injury law firm with attorneys highly experienced in handling dog bite accident cases. Our highly trained and experienced dog bite accident lawyers Beverly Hills, California will investigate your claim, gather evidence, interview witnesses, and litigate your case. We also seek the maximum amount of compensation allotted by current Beverly Hills, California statutes. We will not rest until justice is served.

About Sachs Burns, APC

Sachs Burns offers a complimentary initial case review where one of our dog bite lawyers at our Beverly Hills, California office will analyze your case and develop a top-notch legal strategy. Additionally, our form operates on what is known as a contingency basis. We do not accept fees until after we have won your case and you have gotten the compensation you need. This is our guarantee of success to you; if we don’t win, you owe us nothing. However, we are confident that we will when you case. We look forward to hearing from you. Remember, “It’s Not Business, It’s Personal.”
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