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What to do after a dog bite?

Dog Bite Accident Lawyer: If you are so unfortunate as to be bitten by a dog, you should seek prompt medical care. If your wounds are not extreme, it is best to go ahead and file a police report. This will serve as documentation of the incident as well as provide an objective third party. If there are other third-party witnesses, make sure to get their information as well; they could serve very valuable in your lawsuit against the dog owner. After you have gotten a police report, it is best to get medical attention. This can either be from your primary care provider (if their office is open) or from a local emergency room. You may seek compensation for your medical bills, so you should get the best care available. You need to be certain you did not contract any diseases from the dog bite.

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Every year, the Center for Disease Control estimates that approximately 4 million Americans suffer a dog bite. Dog bite accidents can happen anywhere a dog is present if the owner is not exercising the appropriate animal stewardship. Under current California state law, there is a strict liability attached to the owners of dogs who bite others. Sachs Burns operates on a contingency basis, meaning that we will collect evidence, hire experts, and negotiate on your behalf without charging you a dime until we win you the compensation you need and are legally entitled to. We don’t want financial cost to be a barrier to seeking justice. Furthermore, our payment method incentivizes us to work that much harder for our clients because if we fail, we don’t get paid either. At Sachs Burns, we strive to deliver nothing but professional service to our clients. Our strong commitment to professionalism and results has earned our firm an outstanding reputation in the California community and beyond.
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