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Legally, what is a car accident?

Car accident cases can get complicated. Oftentimes, car accidents involve both civil lawsuits and criminal cases. Depending on the unique circumstances of each individual accident, criminal charges could be pressed (e.g. in the instances of reckless driving, driving while intoxicated, or speeding among others). Generally speaking, if criminal charges are filed, there is enough legal weight for a civil lawsuit as well. Car accidents are usually under the purview of personal injury law. As previously mentioned, car accident cases can be complex, with lots of legal intricacies, which is why you should hire a qualified attorney to sort the legal matters out for you.

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It’s Not Business. It’s Personal.

“It’s Not Business, It’s Personal.,” isn’t just our slogan and motto, it is our firm’s philosophy and greatly informs our culture. It is the guiding principle of which our firm operates. We treat our clients as if they are a part of our family. We do not charge any fees until we win the case because we always take a holistic approach to each and every one of our clients, always putting their legal interests first. Sachs Burns operates on a contingency basis meaning, we will collect evidence, hire experts, and negotiate on your behalf without charging you a dime until we win you the compensation you are legally entitled to. We don’t want financial cost to be a barrier to seeking justice. Furthermore, our payment method incentivizes us to work that much harder for our clients because if we fail, we don’t get paid either. At Sachs Burns, we strive to deliver nothing but professional service to our clients. Our strong commitment to professionalism and results has earned our firm an outstanding reputation in the California community and beyond.

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