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What is a car accident?

Car Accident Lawyer San Francisco, CA In 2015 alone, over 200,000 Californians were injured in car accidents due to the recklessness and negligence of others. These unfortunate events are far too common place. Sometimes accidents are unavoidable, but we can all take steps to reduce our risk of injury if we are in an accident. The legal aftermath following a car accident can be quite complex, so if you have been in an accident near San Francisco, California, contact our office for a free initial case evaluation. One of our experienced car accident attorneys will personally analyze your claim to determine its legal weight. This service is complimentary; therefore, you are not obligated to retain our services. Car accidents fall under personal injury law. Sachs Burns narrowly focus in personal injury claims and has a winning track record and reputation for getting our clients just compensation packages. Our experienced legal team thoroughly investigates all claims, gathers evidence, and builds an airtight case. Each and every one of our clients receives individualized, holistic attention. We strive to meet all the legal needs of our clients. With our team of car accident attorneys, we are confident in our ability to win your case. So confident that we will work on a contingency basis, meaning that we won’t get paid unless we get you a compensation package. This is our guarantee of success for our clients. Our clients have absolutely nothing to lose by working with our office that serves areas including San Francisco, California.

Why Should I Hire An Attorney?

After a car accident, you will want to focus on your recovery. It would be nearly impossible to do that if you were to navigate the complex legal system and deal with insurance companies. Doing this would add to your stress and make your recovery that much for difficult. Instead, you could hire Sachs Burns. Our highly trained lawyers will work with you closely and negotiate with the insurance companies on your behalf. Our experienced attorneys know all the tricks the insurance companies use, and we will not let our clients be taken advantage of. We will ensure you get the compensation that you deserve and are legally entitled to. We strongly discourage our clients from speaking directly with an insurance adjuster. Insurance companies do not care about victims of car accidents; they care only about their bottom line. Therefore, they will almost always try to pay out less than they should. It is morally wrong but an unfortunately common business practice. Our San Francisco, California car accident attorneys, however, believe in justice and will make sure the insurance companies pay out what they should. Furthermore, it is a good idea to have a skilled attorney do all the negotiating because once you accept a compensation package, it can’t be undone and the issue can’t be legally revisited. Sachs Burns are highly experienced at negotiating and can win you the maximum amount of compensation allowed under the laws of the State of California.
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I was in a car accident. What is next?

Car Accident Lawyer San Francisco, CA: Your first priority after a car accident is to get the appropriate emergency medical treatment you need. Not only does this directly benefit your health, it could also bolster your claim later down the road. After you have received the medical care you need, reach out to our office near San Francisco, California. One of our qualified, highly experienced car accident attorneys will then review your case and advise you on your next legal steps.
Following your free initial case evaluation, you may opt to continue legal services with our firm. If you do so, our astute team of car accident lawyers and their trained team of support staff will thoroughly investigate your case for you. Our legal team will then compile an argument and negotiate on your behalf with the insurance companies. If the insurance companies are adamant about not paying you what you deserve and are legally entitled to, we will make no hesitation to take them to court and have a jury and judge force them to compensate you in an appropriate manner. As you will see from our record, we have a strong winning record and are confident in our ability to win any litigation the insurance companies force us to take. Insurance companies like to intimidate victims of car accidents, but they will not be able to do that with The Law Firm of Sachs Burns. We know all their tricks and won’t have any of it with our clients.
Because our initial case evaluation is complimentary, you are under no obligation to continue with services at Sachs Burns. Furthermore, our working on a contingency basis allows our clients to not worry about affording a legal battle but, instead, focus primarily on their physical and emotional recovery.
Car accidents and other motor vehicle accidents are extremely stressful times for victims and their loved ones. Sachs Burns will do everything in our power to reduce that stress. We understand the legal system is complicated, so we will explain all aspects of your case to you, answering any and all questions you may have. The Sachs Burns’ Advantage, as we like to call it, is providing the personalized, one-on-one legal service that has earned our firm a reputation for client-centered professionalism. This is at the heart of our firm’s practice and goes hand-in-hand with our philosophy: “It’s Not Business, It’s Personal.” We treat our clients like family, and we fight for them, accordingly. If you have been involved in a car accident in the San Francisco, California area, we strongly encourage you to reach out to our office and experience the Sachs Burns advantage. If we don’t get you the compensation you deserve, you won’t owe us a penny. That’s our guarantee to you.

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