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What is a Brain injury?

Brain Injury Lawyer San Francisco, CA: Experiencing a traumatic brain injury can be absolutely devastating. This type of personal injury is unique in that it has a propensity to be quite life altering. There is a large amount of diversity among traumatic brain injuries, with some causing relatively small consequences, such as a concussion, and others causing severe consequences, such as a coma or even complete paralysis. No matter how severe your or your loved one’s traumatic brain injury is, it should not be taken lightly. These injuries can be insidious and their full health consequences not readily known. This is why it is so important that victims of traumatic brain injuries seek professional medical help as soon as possible after their accidents. It could be the difference between life and death.

In addition to it being beneficial for your health, seeking prompt medical attention can also prove to be beneficial to your lawsuit. It provides documentation by a completely objective third party about the severity and actualities of your injury and proves the injury happened as you described it. For this reason, Sachs Burns strongly encourages all accident victims to get professional medical care as soon as possible.

Traumatic brain injuries are stressful for everyone involved. Family members experience tremendous pain and suffering along with their loved one who has been injured. This pain and suffering can be taken into account when seeking compensation for damages. Our San Francisco, California attorneys will pursue this course of action to make sure that all those affected get their due compensation. Our elite staff of traumatic brain injury attorneys and paralegals are skilled at getting justice through the courts. We are ready to work for you!


After a traumatic brain injury, the victim should be the highest priority, getting them what they need. At the San Francisco, California office of Sachs Burns, we work on a contingency basis so you can focus your financial obligations on getting better. We will not bill our clients anything until after we have won their case and gotten them an appropriate financial compensation package. Our firm has successfully argued numerous cases and gotten our clients what they deserve and are legally entitled to. At Sachs Burns, we get results, and our record proves it.

When you come to the San Francisco, California office of Sachs Burns not only will you get the results you want, you will experience the highest level of professionalism. Our firm’s motto, “It’s Not Business. It’s Personal,” informs everything about our practice. We strive to deliver our clients personalized, holistic legal counsel. This is taking an interest in our clients and prioritizing their legal needs first and foremost. We invite you today to reach out to our personal injury law firm. We are here and ready to help. A traumatic brain injury lawyer would be happy to speak with you anytime.

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