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What is a Bicycle Injury ?

Bicycle Accident Lawyer San Diego, CA: According to the California Office of Traffic Safety, for the year 2014, there were 83 traffic accidents in San Diego, CA that involved a bicyclist. Bicycle accidents are a real risk, especially in our sunny California city where many of our fellow residents opt to bike to their various points of need. Bicycling is great and should be encouraged—good exercise and it’s a green form of transportation. But as with most things in life, there can and will be accidents.

Bicycle accident injuries normally fall into the purview of personal injury claims in the State of California. In your lawsuit, you can seek compensation from damages to your property (e.g. the bicycle), medical expenses (i.e. ambulance ride, hospital bills, follow up care, etc.), loss of income (i.e. time off from work) and pain and suffering (i.e. emotional distress). Bicycle accidents can have real, negative impacts on people’s lives. They must be treated seriously and, when necessary, appropriate legal action should be taken.

Sachs Burns offer free initial case evaluations. One of our highly trained bicycle accident attorneys will review your case to determine its legal weight. We will offer you advice on your best legal options going forward. This is a complimentary service, so you are under no obligation to continue service with our firm. It is our commitment to you to get the compensation you are legally entitled to receive.

Here at Sachs Burns, we have a motto, “it’s not business, it’s personal.” This is also our philosophical underpinning of our practice. We strive to always give our clients a welcoming place with tenacious legal fighters through our experienced attorneys and highly trained legal support staff. Everything we do at Sachs Burns is working to reach this expectation. We believe we are living up to our expectation and trust that you will believe so too after working with our firm.

Our attorneys and support staff look forward to working with you. Reach out to us today so we can start building your case, negotiate with insurance companies/liable parties, and, if necessary, prepare litigation to go to court. At Sachs Burns, we won’t let an insurance company intimidate our clients and will ensure they get the appropriate amount of financial compensation that they are entitled to get for their injuries. With Sachs Burns, you have a winning team; remember at Sachs Burns, “it’s not business, it’s personal.”


Bicycle Accident Lawyer San Diego, CA: It is important to note that insurance companies do not have your best interests at heart. They are concerned about their bottom line and how to minimize costs. Therefore, insurance company adjusters are incentivized to pay out as little as possible to victims suffering from bicycle accident injuries. They will employ shady tactics and will try to twist words. They will even go ahead and offer a financial compensation package. You may be tempted to take it, thinking it will avoid a lengthy legal battle. However, the financial compensation package the insurance company will offer will be much less than what you and your family are legally entitled to. We highly recommend you let one of our experienced bicycle injury attorneys represent and negotiate on your behalf. Our attorneys here in San Diego, California know all the tricks the insurance companies use. With Sachs Burns, an insurance company will not be able to treat you unfairly.

If you or a loved one has been involved in a bicycle accident in or near San Diego, California, reach out to our office today to review your options. One of our experienced bicycle accident lawyers will gladly speak with you. Remember, the consultation is free.

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