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“It’s Not Business, It’s Personal”, is our firm’s guiding foundation and we take it very seriously.

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Sachs Burns Advantage

“It’s Not Business, It’s Personal”, is our firm’s guiding foundation and we take it very seriously. When you hire SACHS | BURNS, APC , you are not hiring an attorney, you are hiring our entire firm.  Our modern approach to personal injury provides our client’s with unequivocal personal attention.  Each client will receive a team of attorneys and case managers monitoring and developing the case while our clients concentrate on getting better.

What to Expect: Every personal injury case is different and goes through a specific process that is tweaked to conform to each individual client’s needs. Overall, each case will progress through a series of carefully monitored stages. During each stage, certain members of the client’s case have specific tasks and goals to maximize case results. Every client will begin in the intake stage followed by a treating/case management stage, which will lead into a demand stage, and finally a settlement stage.

If a case has to be litigated, our clients are part of the entire process. Our clients never feel they lack information about their case. Communication is key. During the resolution of each case, we will make sure everything is handled including resolving unpaid medical expenses.

Qualified Professionals: Sachs Burns is comprised of trained, experienced, and highly qualified staff and attorneys. Our attorneys are graduates from some of the best known law schools throughout California and the country. In addition, our elite staff of professionals who assist our attorneys in managing our clients’ cases and work in synch to ensure each case is a winning one.

The Modern Personal Injury Law Firm: Sachs Burns is well aware of the stereotype that surrounds personal injury. Our firm always strives to maintain the utmost professionalism and utilizes our resources to perfect our system. In turn, this maximizes our clients’ results. We always say, there are personal injury attorneys and attorneys that take personal injury cases. Don’t be fooled by those who only have the bottom line in mind. The Modern Personal Injury Law Firm: Our modern, individualized, and holistic approach gets results. We never become complacent and are always working to stay ahead of the insurance companies who spend hundreds of millions of dollars finding new ways to diminish, devalue, and even deny a personal injury claim. You deserve our empathetic, client-centered approach narrowly focused on helping our clients.

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